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Using adhesive free window films is the best way to decorate, add privacy and to make your home more energy efficient the DIY way. It is easy to apply and can be used on any glass windows, doors and even on your cabinets.





  • Use as a privacy film and security film for any window
  • 95% UV blocking capability
  • Makes good heat insulation for the entire home to save on energy
  • Opaque window film blocks off or obscure unpleasant view
  • Self adhesive window film - you do not need to mess around with any form of adhesive
  • Static cling window film can adhere to any smooth glass surface
  • Great products for DIY window treatments that can be installed in minutes
  • Removable window film allows storage or usage on other windows
  • Diffuses glare
  • Can withstand heat and moisture - use as privacy window film on bathroom windows and shower doors
  • May be easily trimmed to fit any window or door size, or customize
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Shipping to USA, Canada and selected parts of the world
The followings are some of the more popular window films designs that home owners love:


Frosted Window Film

Frosted Window Film

Austin Privacy Window Film

Austin Privacy Film

Lost Lake Door Panel

Lost Lake Glass Film

Orleans Leaded Privacy

Orlean Leaded Privacy Film

Orleans Leaded See Through

Orlean Leaded See Through

Cambridge Blue

Cambridge Blue




Can Window Film Prevent Future Wired Glass Incidents in Schools?

Can window film prevent wired glass incidents in school? In May 2013, a wired glass incident had resulted in a $5 million (CAD) lawsuit has been filed against the Halton Catholic District School Board in Ontario, Canada.

As detailed in a press release from the law firm handling the case, Sean Lloyd, then an 18-year-old student at Assumption Catholic Secondary School in Burlington, Ontario, was on his way to class when he tried to push open a hallway door made up mostly of wired glass. Lloyd’s arm went through the glass, which broke and severely lacerated the muscles, nerves and tendons of his right arm. The injuries required major surgery and have left Lloyd with functional limitations and nerve damage that may be permanent, alleges the release. Represented by Michael Smitiuch of Smitiuch Injury Law PC, Lloyd is now suing the school board for negligence regarding the risks of wired glass.

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