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Using adhesive free window films is the best way to decorate, add privacy and to make your home more energy efficient the DIY way. It is easy to apply and can be used on any glass windows, doors and even on your cabinets.





  • Use as a privacy film and security film for any window
  • 95% UV blocking capability
  • Makes good heat insulation for the entire home to save on energy
  • Opaque window film blocks off or obscure unpleasant view
  • Self adhesive window film - you do not need to mess around with any form of adhesive
  • Static cling window film can adhere to any smooth glass surface
  • Great products for DIY window treatments that can be installed in minutes
  • Removable window film allows storage or usage on other windows
  • Diffuses glare
  • Can withstand heat and moisture - use as privacy window film on bathroom windows and shower doors
  • May be easily trimmed to fit any window or door size, or customize
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Shipping to USA, Canada and selected parts of the world
The followings are some of the more popular window films designs that home owners love:


Frosted Window Film

Frosted Window Film

Austin Privacy Window Film

Austin Privacy Film

Lost Lake Door Panel

Lost Lake Glass Film

Orleans Leaded Privacy

Orlean Leaded Privacy Film

Orleans Leaded See Through

Orlean Leaded See Through

Cambridge Blue

Cambridge Blue




How to Install Window Film for Homes

Nowadays, many owners are starting to see the benefits of having their home windows tinted. Climate change and rising temperature is often quoted as the main reasons to tint windows. There are many types of window tint that one may consider when it comes to window tinting. The latest window film technology creates window film that may be installed by the owner themselves without the need to employ any builder or installer.


Putting up glass film on your own is not difficult. To begin, make sure that you buy window film that is of self-adhesive type. Self-adhesive window film rely on static action to stick to glass surface. There is no need for using glue or adhesive of any nature. You may buy static window film from many stores, even from online stores such as referenced from this site. Installing window film for a resident or commercial building may be carried out even if you have no prior experience. It takes approximately fifteen minutes to put them up on a typical size window.


Take a look at this window film installation video to see for yourself how easy it is to put up glass film on your own.


There are plenty of designs available to you depending on your objective to put up window film. Many home owners use window film to insulate their homes against heat. When installed, window tint is able to filter out both infra-red ray and ultra-violet ray that causes heat gain and speed up the deterioration process of your upholstery. There are many reviews where consumers have reported energy savings after installation of window films.


Window tinting film helped to keep heat out during the daytime and then at night, it helps to retain heat within the house. This way, either during the summer or winter, day or night, you will be able to save both the cooling and heating energy.


If you wish to put up glass film for the purpose of adding privacy, there are plenty of designs that may be used. Long gone are the days when the only option available is to use dark window tint to prevent someone from looking into your house. You can easily transform clear glass to become frosted glass by using frosted window film designs. The quality of today's window films make it hard to tell if a glass is originally frosted or have been applied with a layer of vinyl film.


Vinyl window decals are easy to be used to treat any old-fashioned window to give it a new look. Choose from etched glass designs or stained glass designs to create classy look for any window of your choice. It is now one of the most popular window treatment available in the industry. If you do not wish to install glass film on the entire window, you may also use them on only the border or over a certain band of the window. There are many designs that is suitable for such purpose.


Window tinting films are also popular to add privacy to an existing window. You may use it on shower doors or bathroom windows as the glass film can withstand both heat and moisture without peeling off. Use fully frosted glass film to make your existing clear glass window opaque. If you have a home office, try to put them up on the glass door. You will be amazed at the effect.


Buying your own window film and installing it by yourself may be the most economical way to go about it. Start off by chosing a smaller window in your house and soon, you will begin to install them on larger windows and door after experiencing how easy it is to tint your house window by yourself.




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