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Using adhesive free window films is the best way to decorate, add privacy and to make your home more energy efficient the DIY way. It is easy to apply and can be used on any glass windows, doors and even on your cabinets.





  • Use as a privacy film and security film for any window
  • 95% UV blocking capability
  • Makes good heat insulation for the entire home to save on energy
  • Opaque window film blocks off or obscure unpleasant view
  • Self adhesive window film - you do not need to mess around with any form of adhesive
  • Static cling window film can adhere to any smooth glass surface
  • Great products for DIY window treatments that can be installed in minutes
  • Removable window film allows storage or usage on other windows
  • Diffuses glare
  • Can withstand heat and moisture - use as privacy window film on bathroom windows and shower doors
  • May be easily trimmed to fit any window or door size, or customize
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Shipping to USA, Canada and selected parts of the world
The followings are some of the more popular window films designs that home owners love:


Frosted Window Film

Frosted Window Film

Austin Privacy Window Film

Austin Privacy Film

Lost Lake Door Panel

Lost Lake Glass Film

Orleans Leaded Privacy

Orlean Leaded Privacy Film

Orleans Leaded See Through

Orlean Leaded See Through

Cambridge Blue

Cambridge Blue




Practical Frosted Window Film

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wished that you can have the flexibility to change your glass window design at anytime that you want, without the need to totally replacing the glass window? Say, if you want to make your glass window look frosted, it is now possible without totally replacing the glass window. Frosted window film is a practical way to frosting windows without needing to sand-blast or etch the glass.

Using frosted window film is one of the most practical way to add privacy to a glass door or glass window. Shower door films are frequently used in the shower enclosures for this purpose. It in fact offers you the advantage of allowing natural light to shine into the room while at the same time provide privacy to the room. Many people still use dark tinting film in order to add privacy to a room and this causes the entire room to be dark. This is eliminated with the use of frosted glass film. There are also different grade of obscurity that you can choose from depending on how opaque or translucent you want the glass to be.

One of the reason why many owners have avoided using vinyl films such as frosting window film or the like is that these vinyl films make the glass look cheap. Traditionally, the installation of these films is also messy as there are adhesive-based, meaning that there the glass film would have to be glued to the glass. After fixing the glass film, it will become a permanent part of the glass window, and you would need a team of professional to help you install them.

Removing the glass film presents you with another set of problem altogether. Again, a team of professionals would have to employed to remove the window films using chemicals and other tools. If your window is damaged, you will have no other choice but to totally replace them altogether. Things have changed over the years and with modern window films that is adhesive-free, frosted window films are fast becoming a popular choice among home owners.

There are also many designs and choices available in choosing frosted window glass films. They look aesthetically pleasant, are affordable and it is easy to purchase them from hardware shops or through online. As they now come as adhesive-free, you can easily install them on your own. When it comes to time to replace or upgrade them, you can easily peel them off. Many owners gave very high ratings on the ease of installation and overall satisfaction with the products.

Another reason why more and more home owners are looking at window film is that there is now an increasing use of glass on both windows and doors. Wooden door design is fast being replaced with modern glass door. The problem with having too many glass windows or glass doors is that not only it is now warmer in the house as it invites more heat into the room, there is also the problem of unwanted view or uninvited view into the room.

As frosted window films now come in a variety of designs and shapes, the end results of having one installed on your glass door or glass window is stunning. It certainly does not look cheap at all. Furthermore, on top of the added security, increased privacy and pleasant aesthetic, frosted window film is easy to clean and is durable.

It is easy to find manufacturer who could provide you with between 3 to 5 years of warrantee for the window film. The lifetime of the window films could usually last twice as long as its warrantee. Needless to say, the longer the warrantee, the more expensive is the window film and in buying your frosted window film, you would have to take this into account. Some owners prefer to install the window film and forget about it, others would love redecorating their house every 5 years or so and would like to have some changes to the look of their glass doors or glass windows.

Beside fully frosted glass film, there are also translucent window film that forms beautiful pattern. Depending on your usage, you should choose suitable types of frosted window film. Most of the times, owners use frosted window film to add privacy to a room or to the shower enclosure. Glass films in the form of privacy window films are popular to be installed on shower doors, bathroom windows and sliding doors. Some owners also use frosted window film in the form of etched glass film for their glass door that lead out to a garden. The end results would be more beautiful than you could imagine.

Generally, there are two designs of frosted window film. With these types of frosted window films installed, all you can see are shadows of figurines behind the glass. There is no clear glass portion. The original frosted window film is faux frosted window film that adds maximum privacy to the room. The lighter version that is less opaque compared to the original fully frosted window film, is the lite frost privacy window film. It is translucent but obscure visibility through the glass.

If you would like to have some patterns incorporated into the frosted glass film, then you should consider the etched glass window film. Some popular ones include the Glass Block glass film and the Everleaf design. The Glass Block window film consists of repeating octagonal glass block design with lightly frosted inset and it creates a geometric pattern that enhances the look of even very large glass partition or glass window. The Everleaf consists of random leaf patterns and is fairly popular to be installed on glass doors that lead to outdoors.

If your intention is to obscure unwanted view of the outside or to prevent outsider from having direct view of the inside of the house, you can consider installing frosted window film on half the glass. This is especially useful on kitchen windows, where you may want to look out of the window sometimes.

As mentioned in earlier part of this article, there are many location where you may purchase your frosted window film. Always check the reliability and reputation of the manufacturer before purchasing. Check if they could provide you with satisfactory customer’s testimonial. One of the most trusted site to purchase window films online is through Wall Paper for Windows. They have many different types of window films to choose from and their high return rates of customers returning to purchase more window films is a testament to their quality product and services.

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