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Using adhesive free window films is the best way to decorate, add privacy and to make your home more energy efficient the DIY way. It is easy to apply and can be used on any glass windows, doors and even on your cabinets.





  • Use as a privacy film and security film for any window
  • 95% UV blocking capability
  • Makes good heat insulation for the entire home to save on energy
  • Opaque window film blocks off or obscure unpleasant view
  • Self adhesive window film - you do not need to mess around with any form of adhesive
  • Static cling window film can adhere to any smooth glass surface
  • Great products for DIY window treatments that can be installed in minutes
  • Removable window film allows storage or usage on other windows
  • Diffuses glare
  • Can withstand heat and moisture - use as privacy window film on bathroom windows and shower doors
  • May be easily trimmed to fit any window or door size, or customize
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Shipping to USA, Canada and selected parts of the world
The followings are some of the more popular window films designs that home owners love:


Frosted Window Film

Frosted Window Film

Austin Privacy Window Film

Austin Privacy Film

Lost Lake Door Panel

Lost Lake Glass Film

Orleans Leaded Privacy

Orlean Leaded Privacy Film

Orleans Leaded See Through

Orlean Leaded See Through

Cambridge Blue

Cambridge Blue




Window Glass Film Installation Video - A Guide to Window Film Installation

Many home owners prefer to install window glass film by DIY. While window films may be carried out on DIY basis, if you have a big pane of window glass, then, it is advised that you may want to engage a team of professional window film installers to do it for you.


Installing a window glass film is not be a complicated process at all. In fact, it is quite straight forward and simple, and if done correctly, no one could tell if it is done by professionals or by you.


The followings are the recommended tools to install the window glass film:

• A film aid application concentrate (or no-tears baby shampoo)
• Bottled water (not tap water)
• Spray bottle
• Squeegee
• Break-away utility knife (for cutting film)
• Single-edged razor blade (for cleaning glass)
• Ruler or tape measure
• Soft, lint-free cloth or paper coffee filters (for cleaning the glass and film)

The followings are step-by-step process on how you can install your own window glass film. We suggest that you start with the smallest pane size as it provide you with the confidence to handle bigger window panes. Larger panes such as the patio door may require two persons.


Step 1:  Clean glass well to ensure that the glass is free of debris. The surface of the glass should be completely smooth. You may wan to use a scrapper or a razor blade to remove any paint splatters that may have stuck to the glass surface.


Step 2: Using a spray bottle, wet the glass by using a solution mix of water and few drops of liquid soap. Set the spray bottle to mist setting and wet the glass thoroughly. Wet the glass completely as this helps you to set the film in position and squeegee out any air bubbles.


Step 3: Remove the window film from the backing paper and position it on the glass. Try not to let the backing-free film to touch anything as it may collect dust and dirt. Use the side of your hands to smoothen out any large bubbles. After you have done that, you will find that the film actually “floats” on the window glass waiting for you to move it into its final position.


Step 4: Squeegee out all the air bubbles. Wet the front side of the film with your soapy solution and gently squeegee out all the air bubbles.


Step 5: Trim all excess film using a ruler and a wallpaper trimmer. Squeegee dry the window glass film and you are done.


Although the procedures for installation of the window glass films are different depending on the different types of film, the installation procedures generally follow the 5 Steps outlined above.


The following video further show how the window film installation is done:




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