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Using adhesive free window films is the best way to decorate, add privacy and to make your home more energy efficient the DIY way. It is easy to apply and can be used on any glass windows, doors and even on your cabinets.





  • Use as a privacy film and security film for any window
  • 95% UV blocking capability
  • Makes good heat insulation for the entire home to save on energy
  • Opaque window film blocks off or obscure unpleasant view
  • Self adhesive window film - you do not need to mess around with any form of adhesive
  • Static cling window film can adhere to any smooth glass surface
  • Great products for DIY window treatments that can be installed in minutes
  • Removable window film allows storage or usage on other windows
  • Diffuses glare
  • Can withstand heat and moisture - use as privacy window film on bathroom windows and shower doors
  • May be easily trimmed to fit any window or door size, or customize
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Shipping to USA, Canada and selected parts of the world
The followings are some of the more popular window films designs that home owners love:


Frosted Window Film

Frosted Window Film

Austin Privacy Window Film

Austin Privacy Film

Lost Lake Door Panel

Lost Lake Glass Film

Orleans Leaded Privacy

Orlean Leaded Privacy Film

Orleans Leaded See Through

Orlean Leaded See Through

Cambridge Blue

Cambridge Blue




Window Glass Films Designs and Patterns

There are many types of designs and patterns available with window glass films. Just five years ago, whenever window films or window coatings were mentioned, everyone will associate them with dark window tints. Consumers today have many choices when it comes to choosing a design for window glass films. Static cling window coatings today comes in many patterns too.

In general, there are two types of window films or window coatings. The first one is adhesive-based and the second type is adhesive-free. Adhesive-based window films were popular in the past because that was the only option available during those days. This type of adhesive window film usually contains adhesive in the form of glue as part of the film that stick to the glass surface.

Installation of patterned window film that is adhesive-based is tedious and most of the times required the services of professional builders. Over time, as in all other types of vinyl window glass films, the films may deteriorate or turn yellow. Everyday, hundreds of home owners were seeking for information and advice on how to remove window glass films from their glass doors or glass windows. The sad reality is, it is very difficult to remove adhesive-based window glass films by yourself. You will likely require a group of professionals to remove them for you. Only they have the tools and the chemicals to remove the window films without damaging the glass.

Self-adhesive window film on the other hand, are easy to install. You can easily to install them as a DIY project by yourself or in a group of two persons. When it comes to removing adhesive-free glass films, you can easily peel them off. After peeling them off, you may even be able to use them on other windows or doors. You may also store them away for future use. Note that however, as in all products, the vinyl films have its limited life span.

To install adhesive-free patterned window film, you shall require the following tools: a spray bottle with soapy solution, a squeegee and a utility knife. First, you need to thoroughly clean the glass window or glass door of any dirt. You can clean it using normal window cleanser. If there is any paint on the glass, use a scrapper to scrap it off. When the glass window is thoroughly cleaned of dirt and stain, you are ready to install your window glass films.

Spray the glass wet with the soapy solution. Carefully, peel off the backing paper off the vinyl film. Be careful not to allow the backing side to touch anything as dust may be attracted to it. Place the static cling window films on the surface of the glass and let it “float”. Adjust its position on the glass window and when it is in its final position, use a squeegee to squeeze out the water. The process will be made easier if you also spray the soapy solution on the front side of the window film.

After you have squeeze out all the water and any air bubbles, check again to ensure that there is no further air bubbles. Then use the utility knife to trim off excess films. Be careful that the utility knife does not scratch on the rubber seal of the window. You had just installed your first window glass films. You will usually need about 15 minutes to install window films for a smaller window. A larger window or a large glass door may require about 30 minutes to have it coated. You usually can work alone, but for larger glass doors or windows, consider working in a team of two persons.

There are many designs and patterns of window glass films that you can choose from. How do you choose the right pattern or design? Before you even decide on the designs or patterns, you should ask yourself, what is the function of the static cling window films. Are you trying to decorate your house? Do you want to add privacy to a room or a bathroom? Do you want to have window coating to block out heat and UV ray?

The followings are patterned window films available, each with their own functions. Some of the films can be used for few purposes:

Stained Glass Window Films
Etched Glass Window Films
Privacy Window Glass Films
Frosted Glass Window Films
Decorative Window Glass Films

Even within each of the above types of window films, there are also many designs and patterns available. The designs and patterns available under the stained glass window films include: Alena Accents, Atlantis Privacy, Biscayne Accents, Biscayne Clear, Biscayne Privacy, Charleston Accents, Grace Accents, Grapevine Clear, Grapevine Privacy, Lost Lake Accents, Mandalay Accents, Mandalay Clear, Mandalay Privacy, Napa Clear, Napa Privacy, Reno Accents, Rhapsody Privacy, Savannah Privacy and the general window dark privacy tinting.

If you like to have etched glass effect, then the following patterns and designs may suit you: Allure Clear, Aspen Clear, Austin Privacy, Chateau Privacy, Doral Accents, Doral Clear, Eden Accents, Eden Clear, Eden Privacy, Everleaf Privacy, Faith Accents, Faith Clear, Glass Block Privacy, Monte Carlo Clear, Naples Accents, Orleans Clear, Pebble Clear, Pebble Privacy, Ritz Clear, South Beach Clear and the Tropical Oasis Clear.

The range of designs and patterns available for Privacy Window Glass Films include Atlantis Privacy, Austin Privacy, Biscayne Privacy, Chateau Privacy, Eden Privacy, Everleaf Privacy, Frosted Privacy, Glass Block Privacy, Grapevine Privacy, Lite Frost Privacy, Mandalay Privacy, Napa Privacy, Pebble Privacy, Rhapsody Privacy and the Savannah Privacy.

You can use many of the above as decorative film. The most popular choice among home owners are those from the etched glass window film range and the stained glass window films. Always try to choose designs and patterns that go with the overall décor of the house or the room. When it comes to decorating your house with window glass films, there is simply no limit to the results that you can achieve.

All these vinyl films work well if installed on glass doors. There are many people who install them on storm doors and on side lookout. One of the benefits of installing window films on storm doors and glass windows is that the film will help to hold the glasses together in case of a heavy storm shattering the glass doors or window.

Privacy window films installed on bathroom windows and shower doors can withstand moisture and heat. You do not necessary need to install only frosted window film on the bathroom. Try putting up stained glass films on the bathroom window instead. During the daytime, light that shines in are softly diffuse to give you a wonderful piece of artwork in the bathroom. For the shower door, you may try any of the etched glass film or the frosted film design.

The good thing about installing static cling window films is that they obscure unwanted view without blocking off the light. This way, you do not need to turn on the light all the time. Compare this with the installation of blinds and curtains.

Window coating films also help to keep out the unwanted heat and UV ray. UV ray is the spectrum from the sun that fades your furniture, upholstery and carpets. Now, with window coating films installed, you will be able to prolong the life span of your upholstery. They also help to reduce glare.

All the films also act as solar guard as well. They filter out heat that comes in the room during the summer and during the daytime. At night, and during the winter, the window coating film help to keep the heat within the room and the house. Hence, you will be able to save energy of air-conditioning during summer and heater during the winter.

All the designs and patterns of window glass film had certainly came a long way since the yester years. They are attractive, practical and modern at the same time. You can use stained glass window films even on modern windows. In the past, etched glass films look cheap when installed on your window and doors. They are no longer the same today. In minutes, you will be able to transform any ordinary glass doors or windows to look like they cost hundreds.

All these vinyl window films can be easily purchased from online store or hardware stores. Be careful when buying your merchandise. Not all window films are created equal. You should buy it from those manufacturers that have been in the market for many years and had established their reputation. Be an educated consumer. Many of these manufacturers should be able to give you between three to five years of warrantee although the window films may easily last twice as long as its warrantee.
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